Are you clean on the inside?

Efficient And Natural Detoxifying And Colon Cleansing Product

How Do You Know When You Need Internal Cleansing And Detoxification?

If this is the first time that you come across this information of vital importance, then probably you have never really considered asking yourself the following question: Are you clean on the inside? Obviously you take care of the outside of your body: you regularly take a bath, brush your teeth and hair, but do you also clean yourself on the inside? Today, in this world filled with toxins, it is becoming an inevitable fact of life that the colon (the „sewage system” of the body), the liver and other organs require regular cleansing just like for example a car needs a regular service and MOT! How can you know when it is time to eliminate accumulated toxins, parasites and other waste materials from your body? If you have experienced one or more than one of the symptoms listed below, then the time has come for you to start detoxifying:

  • Digestive problems
  • Bad taste in the mouth, bad breath, strong-smelling stools
  • Protruding belly (spare tyre)
  • Parasites in the stools
  • Food allergies
  • Frequent fatigue and weakness
  • Recurring colds
  • Haemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhoea
  • Candida infection

  • Recurring headaches
  • Chronic constipation
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Excess weight gain, unsuccessful slimming diet
  • Insatiable hunger
  • Flatulence, gas and bloating
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Skin problems, rashes, etc.
  • Troubled sleep


How Can You Properly Detox Your Body?

Now that we have explained why it is so crucial to cleanse and detoxify your body on a frequent basis, we will also show you how to do it correctly. Here is a short summary:

  1. First your colon needs to be cleansed with special herbs to get rid of all toxins and parasites.
  2. While cleansing the colon, it is important to replenish the friendly bacteria that protect flora balance against harmful bacteria growing in the plaque. This process strengthens the immune system especially.
  3. The final step includes using cleansing herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to detoxify the liver, the kidneys, the blood, the brain, the tissues – basically your entire system!

All this can be accomplished through different operations, but according to our experience the most effective, most reliable and the simplest way is through using the Enerix and Vitalix cleansing and detoxification programmes developed by Naturalmax. These programmes have been developed with the help of the latest scientific research results in order to cleanse and detoxify the whole body. The Enerix and Vitalix programmes are the most comprehensive all natural detoxification system with documented expertise that has ever been created in the world. The Enerix and Vitalix programmes contain nearly 100 natural ingredients in unique quantities designed only for one single purpose: to achieve the complete and thorough detoxification of the human body. The Enerix program has been deliberately developed to:

  • Cleanse the toxins accumulated in the colon, and also prevent the build-up of further plaque by using herbal dietary fibre.
  • Eliminate and remove from the colon and from the whole body harmful parasites as well as intestinal worms and their eggs
  • Restore optimal bowel function and promote normal bowel movements

The Vitalix program used together with Enerix helps to:

  • Remove harmful, poisonous materials and heavy metals (lead and mercury) from the body.
  • Detoxify the liver, kidneys, the blood and other organs
  • Replenish friendly bacteria by using the most effective prebiotics
  • Recharge the immune system by using antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

How to overcome bloating, constipation, skin problems and fatigue so that you have more energy and a flatter stomach?

The people whose stories, experience and photographs you find on this web site all once suffered from constipation, severe gas and bloating, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, weight gain, parasites, stomach-ache, hair and skin problems and numerous other health problems. But all of these people put an end to their suffering by cleansing themselves the inside.

If for some time you have been suffering from any of the above problems, then probably you have tried many things to get rid of the inconveniences and the pain. You have probably taken purgatives and other drugs available with or without a doctor’s prescription, dietary and fibre supplements, and you may even have undertaken colonoscopy or surgical interventions. And all this was unnecessary, as you are still suffering, because the real source of the problems has not been eliminated.

The source of the problems and the most horrible mystery

Fecal parasiteThen what is the cause of most digestion problems? Look at the picture below. How would you feel, if pieces of long old toxic fecal matter had been stuck to the insides of your colon for months or even years! You would undoubtedly complain about bloating, constipation and fatigue. No one would like to have such a formation irritate their bowels day after day causing diseases such as the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Just image all the problems a toxic build up like this can cause? Constipation and stomach-ache, fatigue and headaches, digestion problems, gas and bloating, obesity and a large protruding stomach. The list is practically endless.

“Death starts in the colon”

Maybe you have not heard about this before, as today it is regarded as one of the darkest secrets in the modern world. As it was very correctly written in Vegetarian Times:

“Let’s face it: diverticulitis, constipation, gas, colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome are definitely not things that we like to talk about. But, as the old saying goes, death begins in the colon. Don’t you agree? Ask any coroner. Autopsies very often reveal colons that are blocked up to as much as 80% with waste material.”

Vegetarian Times, March 1998


Change your life! Get healthier and fitter!

You do not need to suffer any longer, you can get rid of these uncomfortable, painful and often embarrassing symptoms, if you are willing to find out information about how these problems are caused by your body and your colon filled with toxins. On the web site of Naturalmax truth is revealed in connection with cleansing and detoxifying the colon, by explaining in detail the following:

  • Why it is so vital to detoxify and cleanse your body on the onside frequently?
  • How to detoxify and cleanse your colon and internal organs properly?
  • What positive results you can expect and how your life will change for the better?

The information provided below is quite astonishing, and I would not be surprised if you thought that your prayers had been answered as testified by the stories of so many on this web site. is the most visited web site in the world dealing with detoxification colon cleansing. It improved the lives of thousands of people worldwide in the past years. The Enerix programme has been used in Hungary too for a long time with outstanding results.

What You Need To Know About Body Pollution?

Body pollutionDay after day everyone is unknowingly exposed to incredible amounts of chemicals and toxins at home, through the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, or through the use of pharmaceutical drugs, at work or in our own homes. Moreover, we all eat significantly more sugar and processed food than ever before in the history of mankind, and we regularly abuse our bodies with different stimulants and sedatives. If you have never really wondered or cared much about the toxins that surround us, then now is the time to change your approach and consider this problem. Scientists have been examining pollutants in water, food, air and soil for decades. In the United States, for example, about three billion tons of different chemicals are released into our environment every year. Millions of tons of chemicals get into our water year after year. Scientists have now started to study the amount of pollution levels in the human body, and their findings are extremely terrifying. Research results clearly indicate that our bodies are not able to eliminate the variety of chemicals and toxins that we ingest and inhale on a daily basis. These harmful waste products simply accumulate in our cells (especially our fat cells), blood, tissues and organs (like the colon and the liver) and remain there permanently, causing all sorts diseases. I cannot show you photos of what the toxic build up exactly looks like in the liver or brain, but I can show you a picture of what this build up looks like in the colon. We have an entire picture gallery of these photos to show you!

Facts You Must Know About Parasites

The enormous amount of toxins and process foods lead to bad digestion and leave toxic plaques in the body, mainly in the colon. These poisonous formations, plaques provide a home for terrible parasites in the colon living on human organism.

All living organisms carry at least one parasite, but many organisms, including humans, carry much more than this. Experts have just started to realise how powerful these hidden parasites are, and their research has pointed out terrifying facts: is this possible that these tiny monsters rules the world?! It is especially alarming how powerful these tiny living creatures are that are not even visible to the naked eye. We are a set of cells functioning in harmony achieved by chemical signals. If a miniature creature – like a parasite – can control these signals, then it can control us too. This is the mystery behind the unique and horrifying reality of parasites. The toxins in our environment, unhealthy diet and parasites represent a fatal risk to us.

Discover Magazine“In actual fact parasites have killed far more people than all the wars fought in history”

– they say in a famous documentary film, Body Snatchers, produced by National Geography. If you have doubts about that even in today’s modern world people can have intestinal works and other parasites living inside them, then read all the real testimonies on the Naturalmax web site. You will be surprised to see that this problem is far more frequent than you ever thought it would be. (Here you can find detailed information and pictures of human parasites.)


The benefits of detoxification and cleansing

The beneficial effects of detoxification and cleansing can be described using the authentic experience of people who have already completed the Enerix treatment. Please read the reports included in the personal opinions sent to Naturalmax. In the Opinions menu you can also find many other reports.

“Others in my environment have also become active Enerix users.”
Author Picture

I met the Enerix program about 2 years ago. First I was a little bit sceptical, as I though that it was just another German “wonder product” surrounded by a lot of fuss, not proportionate to the real value of the product. There were some positive changes among my friends as a result of Enerix, so I decided to give it a try. I have an active, sporty lifestyle, but if often occurred in the past that I had no energy for running or cycling, as I was tired. In the 2nd month of the Enerix program I started to feel significant positive effects. First of all my stool became regular and of a proper consistency, my digestion improved, and the sudden waves of hunger started to become less intense. I felt that I had more energy, both in work and sport. Since then I have a monthly Enerix cure every six months, and I thus I can maintain the above described state. In the meantime others in my environment have also become active Enerix users, and each of them can report some positive change. Thank you! 

“This Fibre knows something!”
Author Picture

When I consumer the Enerix fibre, nothing special happened except for the fact that stooling became easier and normalized, and constipation disappeared. My stool looked really strange indeed, but it was the gel-like substance turning it so strange, so I didn’t pick on it.
But since then - and this is the more exciting part of the story - I don’t need to eat a lot of wheat bran to produce stool every day, and my stool is not as firm as it used to be. Back in the past it wasn’t like that. I can even consume chocolate in the evening, and I still produce stool in the morning; and it’s not a torture to force it out. I cannot believe it. This Fibre knows something! It most probably made the “ducts” free, this is why I can experience all these.


Do not let other products that you have tried and found absolutely inefficient discourage you. Enerix will definitely work, because it is a completely different type of product. Why? Because Enerix is the best and the most reliable prize-winning internal cleansing system produced by the market leader Naturalmax company, which is demonstrated by the recommendations of medical experts and the reports of thousands of people.

Do not wait any longer, start the Enerix Program now!

We believe that there are no accidents, and you have found the Naturalmax web site, because you were looking for a solution to any of the following issues:

  • How could I put an end to suffering from intestinal gas and from a bloated stomach?
  • Why can’t I lose weight, when I have a healthy diet and do regular exercise?
  • How could I have regular stools without having to sit on the toiler straining for hours?
  • How could I get rid of the terrible pain caused by my bowel movements due to IBS, and how could I live a better life?
  • How could I have a flatter belly?
  • Why am I permanently so distressed and tired?
  • How could I cure my haemorrhoids, constipation, reflux, acnes, headaches, etc.?

You may have heard about the significance of detoxification, you may know how useful it is, and right now you are looking for the best detox programme. Or someone from your family or a friend of yours has been telling you wonderful things about Naturalmax saying that you simply MUST visit this web site. Whatever your reasons or questions may be, you probably know them very well. And we are here to tell you that this is the end of you search and suffering, because we know the ANSWER:

You must free your body from toxins! And you must do it now, as soon as possible!

Your health and life quality depends on this. The colon cleansing and detoxifying programme offered by Naturalmax is simple, safe, efficient and affordable. Do not hesitate, get on with it, before it’s too late!


Internal Cleansing Programme, 100% Natural

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