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What Is Detoxification and Colon Cleansing? And Why Is It so Vital?

Today body detoxing is no longer considered an unknown treatment used only by a select few, but rather an important health improvement process accessible to all and useful for everyone. Before deciding on a concrete process or product, it is essential to understand the detoxing process, which works as described below:

  • First you need to cleanse your colon using herbal dietary fibre to gradually wash out all the harmful plaque and debris that has developed over the years.
  • While cleansing the colon, you also need to restore the friendly intestinal bacteria that protect the healthy flora balance, and the liver also needs to be cleansed with herbal extracts such as silymarin, which is the active agent contained in milk thistle
  • In the end, using special herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, you free your system from heavy metals (such as mercury and lead) along with other toxins.


What Is Naturalmax and Enerix?

Naturalmax GMBH seated in Germany is the market leader in the area of body detoxing and colon cleansing with its programmes of outstanding efficacy: ENERIX and VITALIX. Naturalmax GMBH is the exclusive distributor of Enerix and Vitalix, which are products only available from us. Naturalmax has been dealing with high quality natural products since 1996, and at currently it over one hundred thousand customers worldwide. Enerix is the number one colon cleansing and detoxing programme of premium quality developed in German, and it is still the most popular product of its kind; so far more than one hundred thousand packs have been consumed by its loyal followers.

Now you can order the world’s most popular detox at a discount of up to £30 and with free delivery!

The price of the Enerix Programme now depends on the ordered amount, between £70.88 and £60.88. The Programme is safe, efficient, simple and tasteful! If you order 2 or 3 packs at the same time, delivery is free!

Order the Enerix Programme here

Here you can find all necessary information about the Enerix Programme, and about internal cleansing and the ingredients.


Internal Cleansing Programme, 100% Natural

Enerix Original

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German quality Non-GMO ingredients Free delivery
Three packs are a three-month supply for one person. You save: £30
Total: £212,64 (free shipping)
Two packs are a two-month supply for one person.You save: £10
Total: £141,76 (free shipping)
One pack is a one-month supply for one person.
Total: £110,88 (include shipping)

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Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have ordered this product already. Enerix and Vitalix are the exclusive products of Naturalmax company seated in Germany.
Made in Germany.

Vitalix Is a Specifically Recommended to use with the Enerix Programme!

Enerix and Vitalix used together provide you with the most extensive detoxification programme that currently cannot be reached with any other programme. Now we give you a discount of £10 on each, if you purchase it together with Enerix. Please add the desired number of Enerix packs to your cart, and if you wish, you can select the Vitalix programme at a £10 discount in your shopping cart.


The Enerix Programme

The Enerix Programme offers you the following:

The Enerix Internal Cleansing Programme consists of three products, which help you have excellent health and vitality in three different ways:

Enerix Fibre

The Enerix Fibre is a fibrous preparation containing special herbal fibre, which will cleanse the colon of the accumulated waste and toxins and prevent any further build-up of waste. By using Enerix cleansing programme continuously you can make sure that no mucous formations or waste products accumulate in the bowels. It helps to keep the colon clean and makes it easier for the content of the bowels to move along freely. Furthermore, the fibres facilitates the functioning of healthy intestinal flora. It forms a jelly-like mass in the bowels, as a result of which it can absorb toxins. When this mass swells after absorbing fluids consumed, it separates and removes all waste matter that has been stuck in the folds of the colon. Once the colon has been cleansed, it will prevent any further build-up of harmful bacteria and parasites in the bowel system.


Enerix CapsuleThe Enerix Capsules detoxify the liver and help to remove harmful intestinal parasites and their eggs first of all from the colon and from other parts of the organism too. The mixture of these herbs has used efficiently for thousands of years by to kill and remove parasites. The Enerix capsules contain an efficient combination of 11 medicinal herbs of excellent quality, which have been used for removing parasites and their eggs and hatched larvae. It is efficient and safe at the same time, while not exposing the organism to any additional stress.


Enerix Tea

The Enerix Tea is a herbal tea for facilitating regularity. It has a mild laxative effect in the bowels and starts the detoxication process. It also has a mild calming effect, which makes it ideal before going to bed. It does not contain caffeine.



Why do you need to buy Enerix right now? Here are 10 reasons:

1) You also need colon cleansing, since you probably have not been a vegetarian since birth and you do not live on untouched clean island far from the world’s pollution and growing your own food. (This is why you can tolerate that those “things” you can see in our galery are actually inside your system!)

2) You can have the very best and most trustworthy, award-winning internal cleansing system from the industry leader, verified by health specialists as well as by the countless testimonials of loyal consumers. (Sincerely, have you ever seen another product with such a high number of appreciative testimonials?)

3) It is extremely simple to use: It’s not necessary to change your way of life and it will only take 5 minutes every morning (taking 1-2 capsules as well as drinking a fibre shake) and 5 minutes every evening (drinking a cup of herbal tea).

4) With the current discounts of £30 Enerix is extremely affordable, especially if you buy three or more kits at the same time. (Keep in mind that two or optimally 3 kits are usually advised for one person, consequently altogether four to six kits are generally required for two adults.)

5) Researchers planned its contents considering European lifestyle factors.

6) Outstanding customer support: our qualified product specialists are available to help you and reply to your questions on the telephone as well as by email seven days a week.

7) There is no need for fasting or for any complicated diet. (Most people instinctively choose to follow a healthier lifestyle during and after the cleanse.)

8) No sudden or uncomfortable bowel movements like with some other products on the market. (The product is extremely gentle, so you will be able to develop your own personal predictable rhythm after a few days.)

9) Delivery in 4-5 days. Moreover, delivery is free, if the value of your order is above £80.

10) No risk: your money will not be wasted on a product that does not deliver the results. We have thousands of happy customers in Europe, and a 98.8% success rate.

So you have no reason to hesitate at all. Enerix has worked for so many people before and it will definitely be right for you too.

“The best thing in the world.”
Author Picture

I’m Frantiska. I found this website right at the very best time.” I’ve been struggling with a health problem for years roots of which even my physicians are unable to reveal; it mostly means that in every 2-3 days my body - so to say - “evacuates” accompanied by extreme pain, then the whole process starts all over again. The symptoms are like those of reflux or irritable bowel syndrome. During these days I could hardly eat anything, as everything burdened my stomach. Not to mention that I could not and dare not to go anywhere in such a state. Of course there were also symptom-free periods as well. At the time when I found this website I was in a very bad condition, because I had to take antibiotics that ruined my stomach. I considered it the best time for trying Enerix, as my situation couldn’t have been worse; so I started to use it. Well, what I experienced is something I’ve been overjoyed about until now. Even THE FOLLOWING DAY everything was alright with my digestion; I visited the restroom four times, but not with diarrhoea, but in a normal manner (no stomach-ache at all!!). Nothing better could have happened to me. Since then everything has been alright, toxic substances and roughage have evacuated from my body to such an extent that I’ve been feeling much better indeed since then; I can eat anything I want, and I’ve also given up drinking energy drinks, because I don’t have any desire for them, I don’t need them anymore. And I’m really, really glad about that. It is the best thing in the world; I’ll surely use the cure every single year. It must be a great “BRAIN” who invented this method, as it is complete and really efficient. It’s a magnificent product. It should be compulsory, indeed!!!

“This is the least I could do for my health and general well-being.”
Author Picture

I met the Enerix program a year ago for the first time based on the recommendation of an acquaintance. I have tried many things, but I wasn’t able to achieve real internal cleansing or detoxification. After having used it for a few days unbelievable things left my body together with my stool things I didn’t even imagine had been living with me. I used the restroom several times a day, and the quantity, the consistency and even the smell of the resulting “products” were quite strange. After the cure I have completely changed I’ve been feeling much better, there’s neither bloating, not constipation to face with after the meals, I could feel the purifying. I can only recommend it for everybody with my whole heart. Of course I repeat it every year; I also started it this year, after the winter period; this is the least I could do for my health and general well-being.






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