General Terms And Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Contract and Use

If you want to be a purchaser or active user of our Naturalmax Webshop, please, read General Terms and Conditions carefully and use our services only in the event that you agree with all of its clauses and consider them binding upon you. By browsing the pages of the webshop and recording your order you accept the general terms and conditions of the Natural Max G.M.B.H. (hereinafter referred to as NaturalMax) site.
Language of contract: English

In case of questions arising concerning the operation of the webshop, the process of placing orders and delivery, we are at your disposal at the contact details set out below.

Natural Max GmbH
Südliche Münchner Straße 15
82031 Grünwald
Tax number: DE297265882
IBAN: DE12700700240887138600
Telefon: +49 (89) 6934 9773
E-Mail: [email protected]

Scope of products, services that can be bought, prices:

The webshop offers additional nutriments to its purchasers.
The displayed products can be bought online.

The prices shown beside the products are gross prices, so they include the VAT stipulated in law.

Information on placing orders, procedure of placing orders

1. Select the products to be purchased and place them in the cart.

2. Within the menu item “Cart” you can again check all data of your order and can assert your voucher. If you notice any error in the order (for example, you specified a larger quantity or a not desired product) and you have not sent it to us yet, you can modify it any time and by clicking the delete button related to the product you can remove the relevant product from the cartand modify the quantity also here. After having modified the data, always click the update cart button.

3. By clicking the “Proceed to checkout” button you may give a delivery address different from the invoicing address.

4. On the relevant page you can select the form of payment as well. If you have a voucher and you did not assert it on the Cart page, you can do that on the “Checkout” page. Click the button to specify the code.

– If you want to modify any data of the order (delivery or invoicing data) or correct errors, then you can change the relevant data in the Chackout menu item.

– If correction of errors has not been successful for any reason, please, contact the Customer Service at any of our contact details.

5. If you find that everything is all right, then after approving the terms of use and orders you can send your order by clicking the “Place order” button; also you can attach remarks to your order.

6. If you have sent your order already, and you notice any error concerning your order in the confirming e-mail message, please, immediately contact us at any of the contact details specified to enable us to redress the error as soon as possible and to avoid performance of an undesired order.7. Once the order has been sent, you will receive confirmation within 24 hours by e-mail.

Delivery of the confirmation by e-mail can be hindered by an erroneously given e-mail address or the fact that the storage place of your mail box is full.

Processing, confirming orders

Orders are processed from 9:00 to 17:00 hrs on working days.

We confirm receipt of the order to you within 24 hours from receipt of the offer at the latest by automatic confirming e-mail message, which confirming e-mail message contains the fact of placing the order, the data of the order, date of receipt of the order, data of the product ordered, identification number of the order and your remarks concerning the order as well as the form of delivery and payment selected by you.

The e-mail message containing confirmation of the order can be considered final statement of acceptance and results in conclusion of contract between those absent.

If this e-mail message is not received within 24 hours, then pursuant to formal requirements of Article 7 of Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and the Council on contracts negotiated away from business premises your obligation to enter into contract will no longer hold; in other words, you will be exempted from the obligation to purchase, you will not be obliged to purchase the product.

Form of payment

You can pay for the ordered product in the forms set out below:

By advance bank transfer: In this case you are to pay the price of the ordered products before their delivery and receipt by advance bank transfer to the bank account with the following account number.

The final amount to be paid is set out in your letter of confirmation of the order.

Bank account data:

IBAN: DE12700700240887138600

By bankcard payment on the Internet:

WARNING! Pay special attention to correctness of the data as damages that might arise from possible incorrectness (e.g., mistype) will be borne solely by the client.

In the case of advance bank transfer and payment by bankcard you will be entitled to receive, delivery of the ordered products only after the bank transfer has been credited to the account.

The invoice is contained in the package. Please, examine the package in the presence of the courier when it is delivered and in case of any possible damage noticed in the product, please, request taking of minutes. If the product is damaged, please, do not take over the package. We cannot accept subsequent complaints without any minutes taken! The goods will remain in the ownership of the Seller until the total purchase price has been paid. If the Buyer fails to pay the purchase price until the date of payment, then Seller will have the right to cancel the contract.

Delivery of orders

Date of delivery

All of the products available in our webshop are in our warehouse, so we shall pack the products immediately after receipt of the order, assemble the order and hand it over to the courier within 1-2 working days. Orders can be placed also outside the timeframe specified for processing; if the order is placed after working hours, it will be processed on the following day.

Form of delivery

Delivery by courier service: Packages are delivered from 8:00 to 17:00 hours on working days.

If you do not stay at home during this period, it is expedient to give a business address (if possible) as delivery address. The courier service will attempt to carry out one delivery. We shall notify you in a message of handing over the package to the courier service. Delivery will take place after the notice, to the address given by you.

Delivery charges – by courier service
for orders below 80 £: 7,88 £.
for orders over 80 £: FREE of CHARGE.

Right of cancellation

Pursuant to formal requirements of Article 9 of Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and the Council on contracts concluded between those absent, the consumer may cancel the contract within 14 working days from receipt of the ordered product without giving reasons; in other words, can return the ordered product.

Process of exercising right of cancellation

If you want to exercise your right of cancellation, you can indicate your intention at any of our specified contact details.

In the case of cancellation in writing, it shall be considered as enforced within deadline if you send your statement to this effect to us within 14 working days (either on the 14th working day).

In terms of calculating the deadline, we take account of the date of posting for notices sent by post, the time of sending the e-mail message for notices sent by e-mail, and the time of the notice by phone when the notice is communicated by phone. When sending a notice by post, please, send your statement by registered mail by all means, since that is how you can certify the date of posting.
Please, return the ordered product to the address of our company by post or courier service. Immediately after the product has been returned, but maximum within 30 days NaturalMax will refund the purchase price of the product to the bank account number that you have given.

It is important that the costs incurred by returning the product will be your liability, so you will have to pay the cost of returning the product to the customer service address of NaturalMax; however, in addition to that you have no other payment obligation. Our company cannot take over packages sent by payment on delivery!

Please, pay special attention to proper use of the product, as NaturalMax may demand reimbursement of damages arising from improper use from you!

After receipt of the package by our company, opening the package and examination of the returned product will be recorded by video camera. This is necessary to avoid possible later misunderstanding (for example, the returned product was damaged or incomplete).

Regarding products that have been unpacked you cannot exercise your right of cancellation.

Place, form, time of complaints management

Users may submit their consumer complaints regarding the product or the activity of the Service Provider at the contact details set out below. At the latest within 72 hours following submission of consumer complaints regarding their products or services at the contact details set out below – which does not include the period of holidays as set out in this GTC – NaturalMax will reply to the purchaser’s complaints on the merits, specifying the possible place and forms of enforcing rights in the case of opportunities for enforcing rights, and the deadlines available for it.

Natural Max GmbH

Südliche Münchner Straße 15,
82031 Grünwald
Telefon: +49 (89) 6934 9773
E-Mail: [email protected]

NaturalMax receives complaints related to the order or their activity from 09:00 to 17:00 hours on working days.

Data management

The aim of this Regulation is to set forth the data protection and data management principles applied by NaturalMax and their data protection and data management policy and that in all of the areas of the services provided by NaturalMax they should be ensured to every person, irrespective of their nationality or domicile, and that their rights and fundamental civil rights, especially their right to privacy should be respected during technological processing of their personal data (data protection).

The aim of data management of NaturalMax is to perform, deliver orders and send newsletters to those registered for newsletters.

Scope of personal data:
For registering for newsletters, the following data must be given:
–     first name (or other form of address)
–     e-mail address


NaturalMax will not check the personal data that have been specified to them. Compliance of the specified data shall be the sole liability of the person who specifies them. When specifying their e-mail address, any Purchaser assumes liability that it is exclusively this Purchaser that uses the services from the given e-mail address. In view of this assumption of liability, any and all liability related to entries on a specified e-mail address will bind exclusively the relevant Purchaser.

By using the Web site the Purchaser assumes the obligation that the contents that can be edited by them and appear on the Web site, the data, information given do not infringe the rights and lawful interests of any third party and NaturalMax.
In the above cases, NaturalMax will give every help that they can provide to the authorities acting in the matter in order to establish the identity of the person who infringes rights. In the above cases and in case of non-compliance with the GTC, NaturalMax will be entitled to delete your registration for newsletters; in this case NaturalMax will not be liable for any damage incurred by the Purchaser arising from such deletion.

Scope of persons who learn of personal data

During use of the webhop, it is primarily NaturalMax and the company’s internal staff that are entitled to learn of the personal data made available to the webshop. NaturalMax will handle the data confidentially and will not disclose them to third parties, except when it is necessary for processing the order or operating the webshop. (E.g., courier service for delivering the order).

Data processing, data forwarding:

In order to operate the web site, perform the orders (e.g., delivery), NaturalMax may use a data processor that carries out processing of data under the contract concluded with the company NaturalMax. NaturalMax shall not be liable for the data management practice of such external actors.

In addition to the above, personal data applying to the Purchaser may be forwarded exclusively in the cases obligatorily determined in law and on the basis of the Purchaser’s consent.

The data of the invoice made by the specific information technology systems from the order placed on the pages of the webshop, including the data given when placing the order, will be recorded and stored for the period determined in the effective Accounting Act.

Other recorded data

While browsing in the webshop, technical information will be recorded for statistical purposes. (IP address, duration of visit, etc.).
During visits to the Web site, one or more cookies – that is, small files containing a series of characters – will be sent by NaturalMax to he visitor’s, purchaser’s computer by which their browser can be identified individually. These cookies are provided by Google; their use takes place through the Google Adwords system. We send these cookies to the visitor’s computer only in case of visiting certain pages; so in them we store only the fact and time of visiting the relevant sub-page and no other information.

Use of the cookies so sent is as follows: external service providers, including the Google, store by these cookies when the Purchaser has formerly paid a visit to the advertiser’s web site already, and on this basis they display advertisements to the Purchaser on the Internet web sites of the partners of the external service providers, including the Google. Purchasers can prohibit the cookies of Google on the page serving for switching off Google advertisements.


NaturalMax makes it possible on the web site for Purchasers to register for newsletters, within the menu item “Registration for Newsletters” located at the top of the home page.
NaturalMax will send letters containing advertisements (newsletters) to the electronic mail address given during registration only with the Purchaser’s express consent, in the cases and in the form complying with regulations of legal rules.
The Purchaser can without limitation and giving reasons, any time, free of charge deregister from sending newsletters. They can do that in a letter or by e-mail sent to NaturalMax or by clicking on the “Deregistration” link located at the bottom of the newsletters. In this case, NaturalMax will delete the Purchaser’s all personal data necessary for sending newsletters from the records and will not contact the Purchaser with their further newsletters, offers.

Modification of data protection and data management regulations:

NaturalMax reserves the right to modify this Data Protection and Data Management Regulations any time by their unilateral decision. After modifying the Data Management Regulations, each Purchaser must be informed in a proper form (in newsletter, in a window that pops up when entering the site). By continued use of the service Purchasers acknowledge the changed data management rules; in addition to that it is not required to request their consent.

Rights of the persons concerned by data management:

Purchasers may file an application to the staff of NaturalMax concerning any data management related issues, remarks through the above specified contact details.

Modifying, correcting, deleting, blocking data

Purchasers shall be entitled to modify changes in their personal data any time (for example, modify delivery address or correct erroneously specified data) or request their deletion, blocking at any of the contact details of NaturalMax. Within 3 working days from receipt of the request, NaturalMax will modify or delete the data; in this case they cannot be restored again. Deletion does not apply to data management required by law (e.g., accounting regulation); they will be kept by NaturalMax for the necessary period.
If NaturalMax does not or cannot fulfil the Purchaser’s request for modification, correction, blocking or deletion, then within 30 days from receipt of the application they will state the factual and legal reasons for dismissing the request for correction, blocking or deletion, in writing.

Protest against data management

Purchasers may protest against management of their personal data. NaturalMax will examine the protest within the shortest time from submission of the application but maximum in 15 days, will adopt decision whether it is grounded and will inform the applicant in writing of their decision.

Opportunities for legal remedy

In addition to the above, the staff of NaturalMax can be also contacted concerning any data management related issues and remarks at the e-mail address [email protected]

Other provisions

You can use the Web site solely at your own risk and you accept that NaturalMax will not assume any liability for any pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage arising during use, in addition to liability for breach of contract that is caused wilfully, by gross negligence or crime, and that causes damage to life, body and health.

NaturalMax excludes all liability for the conduct engaged by the users of the Web site. And any user of the site shall have full and exclusive liability for their own conduct, and in case of suspicion of infringement of rights they shall fully cooperate with the authorities acting in the matter in order to explore such infringement of rights.

NaturalMax will be entitled but not obliged to check any content that might be made available by any user during the use of the Web site, and with respect to the contents made public NaturalMax will be entitled but not obliged to search for signs that imply that unlawful activity is carried out.

However, if you notice any content on the Web site that can be challenged, please, immediately notify us of that, and if NaturalMax finds the notification grounded during their action in good faith, they will be entitled to delete or modify the information immediately.


The Web site is under copyright protection. NaturalMax is the party entitled to copyright of any and all contents displayed while providing the services available through the Web site: of any author’s work or other intellectual property (including all graphic works and other materials, the arrangement, editing of the surface of the Web site, the used software and other solutions, ideas, implementation).

It is allowed to save the content of the Web site or specific parts thereof on hard disk, ssd, usb, sd card or to print them for being used for one’s own purposes.

Use beyond the scope of own use – e.g., storing in database, forwarding, making public or downloadable, marketing in ordinary course of trade – is allowed solely with the service provider’s prior written authorisation.

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