Gas bloating

The most common signs and symptoms of gas tend to be flatulence, stomach bloating, stomach discomfort (often severe), as well as belching. Health specialists believe gas and bloating are usually the result of incorrect digestion, the presence of parasites or an intestinal disorder, for instance Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Many people encounter extreme stomach pain when gas occurs in the intestine. Excessive gas could be a very unpleasant and also embarrassing condition.

To eliminate gas and bloating, it is very important eat slowly and gradually and to chew the food well. Overeating is not recommended and sticking to simple foods is definitely best. Cleansing the colon to remove build-up and parasites and increasing the consumption of dietary fibre is important in enhancing and getting rid of this problem.

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Internal Cleansing Programme, 100% Natural

Enerix Original

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