Solution for the problems of constipation and diarrhoea

If you generally feel well and have no aches or pains you take it for granted that everything is alright and you are completely healthy. However, suddenly, some problems might occur. Your bowel movement is disordered for a longer period of time or, just the other way around, something is happening in your bowels that makes you go to the toilet every single minute. Usually, this is not considered to be grave, and you hope that whatever it is will be over as soon as possible, resolving itself naturally. But what does it mean if the problem are here to stay for a longer period of time and you are tormented by constipation, cramps or loose stool with an increasing intensity?

Chronic constipation or chronic diarrhoea perhaps sound frightening, but these should be treated as serious health issues that need to be solved as soon as possible because they mean nothing else, but an illness of the bowels. If left unattended, one’s quality of life deteriorates and in fact it is open to danger. Because of embarrassment or ignorance one is many times fails to address this problem. You should not neglect your health. It may affect the quality of life but on top of that something worse could also happen, and serious problems with digestion may occur. Haemorrhoids and other complications also often occur, but it may also mean a signal for severe diseases such as cancer, bowel inflammation, diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis, allergies, etc.

The longer you suffer from constipation or diarrhoea, the more complicated it is to treat, so in any case, it is important to talk to a doctor as soon as possible.

If you have problems with constipation consuming Enerix is of great help.

The Enerix program is one of the most efficient and gentle natural solutions to constipation treatment ever. Enerix fibre has a suitable compositio, as it contains excellent soluble and insoluble fibres which contribute to maintaining the good health of the colon.

It provides a gentle, but effective support for the natural process of evacuation:

  • the symptoms of constipation are alleviated or perhaps totally dissipate
  • it also brings relief from haemorrhoids

Chronic or acute constipation

What is the difference between the two? There are many who know from personal experience that when they have problems evacuating; it occurs regularly to the majority of people during travelling. The constipation causes may be psychological, could be resulted by certain medication or due to a time difference, or perhaps havoc with our biorhythm. This condition is usually only temporary and the problem resolves itself naturally together with the root of the problem or even sooner. This is an instance of a severe or in other name acute constipation and there is no special reason for alarm.

However, sometimes it can also happen that the problem lasts for a longer period of time and there seems to be no improvement at all. If this is the case it is necessary to start finding solutions to the problem, and it’s important to realize that in such a case this condition is categorized as a habitual chronic constipation, a condition which you have gradually created yourself.

The chronic constipation was “created”. For example, by regularly not listening to the urge to pass a stool, improper eating habits and a lack of exercise. It can also be the result of inappropriate evacuation, or related defective mechanism. This also regularly happens when there is an insufficient coordination of the muscles of the pelvic basin. Insufficient intestinal movement can attack on the whole of the large intestine which is expanded, in a sack or pocket like manner, in some places. Here entrapped food may stay for even years and are breeding ground of dangerous toxins which continuously contaminate the whole body.

Chronic constipation – poisoning

It also represents a dangerous, insidious bowel condition. Can be referred to as insidious, because apart from a difficult, sometimes even painful defecation there don’t seem to be any further symptoms caused. Often though, there develops a situation in the body where the toxins that should have left during evacuating, remain in the intestines, accumulate and enter the bloodstream, and from there they reach the vital organs. When the body stores waste for a longer term, it represents the self-poisoning of the body. This can emerge often as fatigue, headaches, impairment of the immune system and even loss of concentration. Moreover, the number of the “friendly” bacteria, that is the number of natural and beneficial micro-organisms in the bowels decreases significantly and harmful bacteria, putrefying bacteria and yeasts become dominant. As a result of this a suppressed production occurs of vitamins B1, B2, B12, K and other substances that are vital for the body. Then skin problems appear, and there is also a disruption in the nervous system or blood clotting.

It can take the toxins a very long period of time, even decades to remain active until the weakening defence mechanism is seen in heart, liver, kidney, or pancreatic disease. There is also a disturbance in the intestines represented by inflammation, haemorrhoids, polyps, and perhaps even tumours.

The healing of constipation

Constipation and its causes are closely related to inappropriate eating habits and lifestyle. Such as eating food containing an inappropriate amount of fibre, not drinking enough liquids and not taking enough exercise. Further results may be frequent stress, irregular defecation, and suppressing the urge to pass a stool. Some may think that the problem can be treated by using laxatives. This solution, however, may only be a temporary one, and it can lead to the development of serious illnesses later on.

For a proper constipation treatment mostly food is to be used as an aid. The best outcomes are achieved if eating habits are changed as soon as possible – consume high-fibre foods, eat quality oils and fats and drink an adequate quantity water. If there is enough fibre in the food defecation becomes more regular, and the stool becomes softer. High quality oils and fats safeguard the bowels, peristalsis becomes normal. Your food should comprise of whole grains, such as whole-grain bakery products, as well as legumes and more vegetables and fruit should be included. Avoid sweetened beverages, drink pure well water. Regular physical activity helps to improve the function of the bowels that also assists recovery.

Diarrhoea causes

Diarrhoea is a symptom of various disorders relating to the functioning of the digestive system. It is not a disease on its own, but a symptom. Diarrhoea is a condition characterized by an increased frequency of evacuation (3 – 5 times per day). From the metabolic standpoint it represents an insufficient absorption of water and electrolytes. The water content in the stool determines its consistency. When the water content increases from the normal 70 – 80% to 80 – 90% the stool is no longer solid but runny. This can also be serious, and long-lasting diarrhoea may even result in death. Diarrhoea, as far as pathological disorders are concerned, can be started by four mechanisms (for more see here).

Diarrhoea – acute and chronic

The causes of acute diarrhoea are found mainly in infections, medication and toxins. They penetrate the organism via the skin and mouth, for example by eating contaminated foods and through water sources. It is short-lived and lasts for less than 48 hours. In this case the diarrhoea is, in fact, useful as it has a cleansing role. This is how the body eliminates the harmful substances or undesirable bacteria, which caused the inflammation of the lining of the stomach and bowels. Diarrhoea caused by bacteria is often accompanied by a unpleasant nausea preceding vomiting, followed by a fever and a spasmodic stomach ache. The stool contains mucus and blood. Systemic diseases like listeriosis, measles or hepatitis are usually associated with diarrhoea of this kind. As with acute constipation, acute diarrhoea is also a temporary condition which disappears when the causes are removed and so there is no reason for concern.

Chronic diarrhoea lasts longer than two weeks and may be accompanied by fever, strong stomach cramps, a rash or yellow fever (the skin and the sclera become yellow), permanent weakening of the organism or the presence of pus, mucus or blood in the stool. The sufferer is commonly dehydrated despite taking in enough liquids. These are very serious and upsetting symptoms which have to be dealt with immediately as further complications may occur. Older people and children are most at risk.

With violent diarrhoea, there is a threat of electrolytes (sodium, chlorine, magnesium and, mainly, potassium) being released. The heart rhythm may be disturbed due to a lower amount of potassium in the blood. Dehydration sets in resulting from a loss of water and this can bring about a sudden collapse. In older people an insufficient intake of water causes blood to thicken which may lead to a stroke.

Diarrhoea treatment

Firstly, and most importantly, the possible underlying causes of diarrhoea need to be addressed, thus ensuring the correct and relevant treatment, diarrhoea being a symptom, not an illness. Different treatment is required depending on the condition of the sufferer and how long the diarrhoea has lasted. It is the underlying disease that has caused the diarrhoea that is being dealt with. In every case the treatment is done with rehydration solutions in an amount which makes up for the liquids lost through the stool. In standard cases patients are given liquids orally. With patients who are in shock, or after vomiting heavily, the administration of liquids is done outside the digestive system (parenterally). While suffering from diarrhoea it is common to adjust the diet to the requirements of the given situation. For more see here.

When do we use the Enerix Program?

The programme is a perfect means of cure and prevention, which protects against a number of diseases brought about by chronic constipation. The Enerix program is one of the most efficient and gentle solutions for constipation ever. However, at the same time, in cases of diarrhoea it is not recommended to use the Enerix Program. First it is important to stop diarrhoea, and only then can the bowel cleansing begin, resulting in the cleansing of the whole body. The Enerix components (Enerix fibre, Enerix capsule and Enerix Tea) have an ideal composition, because the Enerix fibre consists of perfect quality soluble and insoluble fibres. These have a really beneficial effect: they maintain the good health of the colon. Due also to its other high quality ingredients the following is achieved:

  • a healthy natural defecation process
  • protection of the bowel mucosa from the various irritations caused by toxic and carcinogenic substances
  • a reduced risk of developing carcinoma of the colon and rectum
  • protection from various diseases
  • reduced risk of bowel inflammation, diverticulitis, etc.

DECLARATION: Please do not use the above information for diagnosing health problems. The statements and experience disclosed on the site cannot be regarded as medical advice, and cannot be explained or interpreted as such. If you are currently taking medicines or experiencing health problems, please turn to a doctor who is experienced both in herbs and drugs before taking any herbal dietary supplement.


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