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Product Description

The Enerix Tea is a herbal tea for facilitating regularity. It has a mild laxative effect in the bowels and starts the detoxication process. It also has a mild calming effect, which makes it ideal before going to bed. It does not contain caffeine.

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30 teabags with a net weight of 2.55 g each Best before: Ingredients: Xylitol, senna leaf, alder buckthorn, sheep's sorrel, flax seed, peppermint leaf, lemon grass, milk thistle seed, aniseed, cinnamon, ginger, dog rose pulp, orange zest, orange flavour, camomile flower Recommended use: Soak 1 teabag in 1 litre of hot (but not boiling) water, and leave it covered for 15 minutes. Drink the tea during the day, warm or cold. Instead of sugar or lemon, use a little amount of honey for flavouring, but the best way to drink it is without any additional flavouring.
Note: The herbal tea mixture contains senna leaf and alder buckthorn, which have a mild laxative effect promoting the development of a natural daily rhythm of bowel movements, but their extended use may slow down bowel movements. To avoid this, after one month of using the tea have a five-day break!

Why do you need to buy Enerix right now? Here are 10 reasons:

1) You also need colon cleansing, since you probably have not been a vegetarian since birth and you do not live on untouched clean island far from the world’s pollution and growing your own food. (This is why you can tolerate that those “things” you can see in our galery are actually inside your system!)

2) You can have the very best and most trustworthy, award-winning internal cleansing system from the industry leader, verified by health specialists as well as by the countless testimonials of loyal consumers. (Sincerely, have you ever seen another product with such a high number of appreciative testimonials?)

3) It is extremely simple to use: It’s not necessary to change your way of life and it will only take 5 minutes every morning (taking 1-2 capsules as well as drinking a fibre shake) and 5 minutes every evening (drinking a cup of herbal tea).

4) With the current discounts of £30 Enerix is extremely affordable, especially if you buy three or more kits at the same time. (Keep in mind that two or optimally 3 kits are usually advised for one person, consequently altogether four to six kits are generally required for two adults.)

5) Researchers planned its contents considering European lifestyle factors.

6) Outstanding customer support: our qualified product specialists are available to help you and reply to your questions on the telephone as well as by email seven days a week.

7) There is no need for fasting or for any complicated diet. (Most people instinctively choose to follow a healthier lifestyle during and after the cleanse.)

8) No sudden or uncomfortable bowel movements like with some other products on the market. (The product is extremely gentle, so you will be able to develop your own personal predictable rhythm after a few days.)

9) Delivery in 4-5 days. Moreover, delivery is free, if the value of your order is above £80.

10) No risk: your money will not be wasted on a product that does not deliver the results. We have thousands of happy customers in Europe, and a 98.8% success rate.

So you have no reason to hesitate at all. Enerix has worked for so many people before and it will definitely be right for you too.