“I could feel its effect from the very first minute.”
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It’s not the first time for me that I use the ENERIX internal cleansing package. This might be the third package, and it’s also just about to run out; I can assure you that it is one of the most efficient bowel cleansing solution I have ever used. I could feel its effect from the very first minute; it brought relief and a general state of wellbeing for me, and last but not least regular and easy defecation. I shouldn’t say that my stomach works unsystematically, but it does happen that there is no stool for a day, and I feel very unpleasant because of such constipation. The use of ENERIX terminated this problem completely for me. I drink a lot of water; I consume 2-3 litres of non-sparkling water a day which has been a regular habit of mine for years, and I sometimes also drink 1.5 litres of green tea as well. I also recommended the product to my mother, and she is also very satisfied with it; she repeats the cure in every quarter and feels excellent.
We started to use ENERIX not because of certain complaints, but because we know that a lot of residue may develop in the bowels that may result in serious illnesses in time, and this is what we want to prevent by means of bowel cleansing and detoxification. I recommend the use of Enerix for everybody; judge for yourselves what a general state of wellbeing really means.

“Now I feel much better.”
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I am glad that I could find your product, as now I feel much better! I had a continuous feeling of bloating and fullness in my belly, even if I hadn’t eaten anything. Whatever cure I tried, it had no long term effect. During the use of the Enerix program I had to face a frightening sight in the restroom: the volume and the kind of toxins that can accumulate in one’s body; I have not experienced anything like that during any other cure. After 3 month the result is a weightloss of 10 kilos - effortlessly. My eating habits haven’t changed at all; all that changed was that I started to pay attention to the time and number of my meals, and I didn’t need any ‘picking’. What is even more important for me is that it is completely natural and has no side effects whatsoever. Bloating disappeared, and I feel better and much cleaner from inside; I am really grateful for that especially that finally I could find an efficient cure. Thank you once more!

“I sleep throughout the night and I wake up in a relayed state.”
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I’ve been using the Enerix product line for two months. I have to tell you that in the first month I could only feel the negative effects of detoxification, but I knew that the process required by my body for so long had finally started. Bloating represented the most unpleasant feeling; I was almost filled with water. By morning my eyes had become swollen. These symptoms started to fade away by the end of the first month, and more pleasant ‘symptoms’ also appeared.
At the beginning of the second month my metabolism became regular, constipation disappeared and I felt really good. Yes, indeed; I’ve become more energetic, and I have a healthy complexion - something that was far from being true for me. I had been struggling with bad sleeping for almost six months, but now I sleep throughout the night and I wake up in a relaxed state, exhaustion has completely vanished.
The materials leaving my body really looked awful. I recommend this product for everybody in my neighbourhood as the best bowel cleansing cure

“Something really significantly changed in our everyday life.”
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It happened about 1 year ago that my girlfriend found Enerix on the Internet; as a result of this we decided on investing our health, because it is worth it for sure, and both of us had some 5-6 kilos of overweight, we deserved some weightloss. So then we bought 2 complete packages of Enerix bowel cleansing program. The change started 1-2 days later. An average person reaches a feeling of fullness in 8-10 minutes during a meal - this is why the saying says - “eat slowly and chew every single bit” - as it eases the process of digesting. We soon felt during the cure that this 8-10 minutes were significantly reduced, we felt that the amount of food consumed was enough after “a few mouthfuls”. As opposed to this our fluid intake increased, and we experienced that tiredness appears less frequently. In accordance with the users’ manual we mixed the Fibre into some fruit juice before breakfast, then came 2 glasses of mineral water followed by the Capsule, and in the evening a brew of the Enerix Tea closed the day, the beneficial effect of which we could feel every morning in the restroom. Defecation became much easier than before... As days and weeks went by and the complete package ran out, we felt that something really seriously changed in our everyday life. Apart from weightloss we also learnt something very important we have insisted on since then, namely that we have to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Drinking water by itself improves one’s general state of health and immune system a lot.
As everyone can decide about his own health, I can only recommend trying the Enerix package; you won’t regret it

“This Fibre knows something!”
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When I consumer the Enerix fibre, nothing special happened except for the fact that stooling became easier and normalized, and constipation disappeared. My stool looked really strange indeed, but it was the gel-like substance turning it so strange, so I didn’t pick on it.
But since then - and this is the more exciting part of the story - I don’t need to eat a lot of wheat bran to produce stool every day, and my stool is not as firm as it used to be. Back in the past it wasn’t like that. I can even consume chocolate in the evening, and I still produce stool in the morning; and it’s not a torture to force it out. I cannot believe it. This Fibre knows something! It most probably made the “ducts” free, this is why I can experience all these.

“The best thing in the world.”
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I’m Frantiska. I found this website right at the very best time.” I’ve been struggling with a health problem for years roots of which even my physicians are unable to reveal; it mostly means that in every 2-3 days my body - so to say - “evacuates” accompanied by extreme pain, then the whole process starts all over again. The symptoms are like those of reflux or irritable bowel syndrome. During these days I could hardly eat anything, as everything burdened my stomach. Not to mention that I could not and dare not to go anywhere in such a state. Of course there were also symptom-free periods as well. At the time when I found this website I was in a very bad condition, because I had to take antibiotics that ruined my stomach. I considered it the best time for trying Enerix, as my situation couldn’t have been worse; so I started to use it. Well, what I experienced is something I’ve been overjoyed about until now. Even THE FOLLOWING DAY everything was alright with my digestion; I visited the restroom four times, but not with diarrhoea, but in a normal manner (no stomach-ache at all!!). Nothing better could have happened to me. Since then everything has been alright, toxic substances and roughage have evacuated from my body to such an extent that I’ve been feeling much better indeed since then; I can eat anything I want, and I’ve also given up drinking energy drinks, because I don’t have any desire for them, I don’t need them anymore. And I’m really, really glad about that. It is the best thing in the world; I’ll surely use the cure every single year. It must be a great “BRAIN” who invented this method, as it is complete and really efficient. It’s a magnificent product. It should be compulsory, indeed!!!

“Others in my environment have also become active Enerix users.”
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I met the Enerix program about 2 years ago. First I was a little bit sceptical, as I though that it was just another German “wonder product” surrounded by a lot of fuss, not proportionate to the real value of the product. There were some positive changes among my friends as a result of Enerix, so I decided to give it a try. I have an active, sporty lifestyle, but if often occurred in the past that I had no energy for running or cycling, as I was tired. In the 2nd month of the Enerix program I started to feel significant positive effects. First of all my stool became regular and of a proper consistency, my digestion improved, and the sudden waves of hunger started to become less intense. I felt that I had more energy, both in work and sport. Since then I have a monthly Enerix cure every six months, and I thus I can maintain the above described state. In the meantime others in my environment have also become active Enerix users, and each of them can report some positive change. Thank you! 

“Bloating, diarrhoea, feeling of fullness, dizziness have all vanished.”
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I found your products a year ago (Enerix and Vitalix packages), because I wanted to detoxify my body and restore my good health a little bit. I have to admit that it also played a role in my order that I became curious as a result of the so many convincing experiences shared on the website. If all I read is true - I thought - I have to get rid of these things! Well, the many alarming reports turned to be right; I could see exactly the same things in reality that the photos showed. Let’s see what I was suffering from: bloating, diarrhoea, feeling of fullness, restless nights, tiredness, depression, overweight, dizziness, weak nails, allergies, arthritis. And what changed was: bloating, diarrhoea, feeling of fullness, dizziness have all vanished. I had more peaceful nights, I’ve become more energetic, I’ve lost a few kilos of weight, I started to drink a lot of water and I still drink a lot, something I could have never believed! My nails have become stronger, and arthritis has faded away.
Over and above all these I also got rid of something I didn’t know about: parasites, lots of residue (I could see it), and tiny little pearl-like things (for almost a month!). I wish you lots of success for your future work!

“It is worth trying it even without symptoms, as the body needs detoxification from time to time.”
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I’m Estella. I went through the Enerix program twice last year. The reason for this was that I started to put on weight without reason, I was struggling with continuous bloating, I was always tired, and - as a result - my concentration level also dropped. Although I was on a healthy diet, I paid attention to my meals, the quality of my food, but the symptoms didn’t disappear. I found the Naturalmax products a year ago while searching the net. As they are entirely made of natural ingredients I decided on giving them a try. Two weeks after the start of the first cure there was no bloating any longer, and slowly tiredness also disappeared. I became more energetic and lively, I could pay more attention to my work. I lost 4 kilos from my overweight without any difficulty. However, the amount of roughage evacuating from my body was very shocking for me. I repeated the cure six months later, and my experience was just the same: as if my body was completely reborn. Now I’m planning to give up smoking, thus I also want to try the Vitalix detoxifying program, because it helps discharging the huge amount of toxic substances accumulated in my body during the years as a result of smoking sooner. As I already know the Enerix program, I know how beneficial it is for my body, thus I’m completely sure that the Vitalix program will also stand the test. I can only recommend it for everybody struggling with symptoms similar to the ones I used to have, but I think that it is worth trying the program even without symptoms, as the body needs detoxification from time to time.

“My candidiasis has also disappeared.”
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My problems appeared a few years ago: bloating, over-acidity, diarrhoea, candidiasis. I’ve tried various treatments, but the symptoms didn’t want to disappear. And then I found the Enerix program. Just to give it a try I ordered a monthly dose. Even the very first week strange things left my body and my complaints were relieved. I could sleep more peacefully at night, and I got up in a more relaxed state. After getting up I often produced an incredible amount and consistency of stool. By the end of the month my candidiasis had also disappeared. Unfortunately my acidity related problems didn’t disappear altogether. I think that I should have continued the cure for another month at least, but back then I didn’t have enough money. By now I have enough savings to start a 2-3 months long cure. I hope that by the end I will completely recover!

“By the end of the cure these symptoms disappeared and I can only recommend this product with all my
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My name is Annamari, and I want to share my experiences in connection with the Enerix detoxifying program.
I found the website of Naturalmax while searching on the web. I was shocked by reading and seeing what dreadful things can live in one’s colon, and what illnesses they can cause. It’s no need to say that as soon as I finished reading the site, I ordered my first Enerix package and started to urge others to do the same. I didn’t use to have any kind of health problems. I am a slim (thin), sporty lady in her forties, and when I first met the Enerix program I’d just given up smoking, and I was searching for some product for detoxification. I felt that my general state of health was not the best, I didn’t feel perfectly well. It meant that although I am slim and I do sports regularly, my belly is big and bulging. As I put down cigarette and because I used to struggle with constipation even before, my situation became even worse, thus I visited the restroom even less frequently. The “big belly” was the result of this. Bloating and stomach-ache became steady, I often suffered from migraine and headache, I was depressed and tired, and what was really spectacular and bother me a lot, was my dry and chapped skin. It annoyed me a lot that all those hydrating lotions were in vain; my skin was like sandpaper: dry, rough and it looked as if it was thicker. Although I didn’t dare to have a look at all what left my body, but I can assure you that by the end of the cure these symptoms disappeared and I can only recommend this product with all my heart. Thank you Naturalmax!

“This is the least I could do for my health and general well-being.”
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I met the Enerix program a year ago for the first time based on the recommendation of an acquaintance. I have tried many things, but I wasn’t able to achieve real internal cleansing or detoxification. After having used it for a few days unbelievable things left my body together with my stool things I didn’t even imagine had been living with me. I used the restroom several times a day, and the quantity, the consistency and even the smell of the resulting “products” were quite strange. After the cure I have completely changed I’ve been feeling much better, there’s neither bloating, not constipation to face with after the meals, I could feel the purifying. I can only recommend it for everybody with my whole heart. Of course I repeat it every year; I also started it this year, after the winter period; this is the least I could do for my health and general well-being.

“My problems have completely been solved.”
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I am really glad that I could find the website of Naturalmax on the Internet. I’s had stomach issues since my childhood, I was struggling with constipation; and sometimes it was unbearable. I tried all types of laxative drops, tablets, and herbal teas available in Italy. Unfortunately my body got used to them sooner or later, and they turned to be inefficient. I decided that I have nothing to lose, and I’ll try the Enerix bowel cleansing program. I have to tell you that I do not believe in magic pills or powders that can produce fantastic results in 1-2 weeks. In spite of this I started to use Enerix, and I was really surprised when it turned out to be efficient. Since then my above mentioned problems have completely been solved, I also lost some weight - not too much, but it is also true that I’m not overweight; still these few kilos of weightloss was really needed. I also think that the fact that my skin problems disappeared is also due to Enerix. I am not a teenager, but there were ugly pimples on my face regularly. Fortunately this is all over. Thank you for inventing this product.

“I’d make it compulsory for everybody at least once a year.”
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I tried your product because I think that the detoxification of the human body is important, and I was also convinced by others from whom I’ve heard about the Enerix program. To be honest first I was afraid to start using the program because of the photos shown in the website, but fortunately there was nothing like that leaving my body. Though it is true that I have completed only 1 month, even during this month I could experience lots of changes on me. No exhaustion, more energy, better digestion, visiting the restroom even several times a day, but without having diarrhoea! Flat abdomen, no rubber ring belly, some kilos of weightloss (3-4kg). I felt that I managed to achieve my ideal weight with it. While using the program I had the feeling that conforming to the prescriptions regarding the daily fluid intake would not be difficult (2-3 litres) as I was always thirsty that forced me to the normal fluid intake. The products are drinkable, their taste is not bad at all. It’s true both for the tea and the fibre. I can hardly wait to continue the Enerix cure; I’d make it compulsory for everybody at least once a year because toxic substances spontaneously accumulate in the body. More energy, better general state of health, good state of mind, the feeling of good health. This product means the basics for all these. Thank you Naturalmax for offering such a tender and natural program. The opportunity is given - you only have to live with it. It is worth it!

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