Vitalix Programme

Rid the body of Toxins with the help of Vitalix!

The actual Vitalix Full-Scale Detoxification Programme has been developed to be effective with the Enerix Program to be able to carefully cleanse and detoxify and also to nurture and protect the entire system. Vitalix is actually an ‘add-on’ to Enerix. When used together, the 2 programmes provide you with probably the most comprehensive detoxification treatment extending to the whole body. The Vitalix Full-Scale Detoxification Programme contains the following 3 products, each of them supporting detoxification as well as ideal health in different ways:

Vitalix Hepafit1) Vitalix Hepafit – Heavy Metal / Toxin Removal and Liver Detox. It helps to eliminate heavy metals from the body (for example mercury and lead, together with other toxic compounds), while detoxifying the blood, the kidneys and other organs.

Vitalix Green2) Vitalix Green – Daily Detoxification and Additional Antioxidants together with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and green phytofoods. It supports the natural detoxification processes of the system, replenishes the nutrients used up during cleansing, and recharges the immune system with antioxidants.

Vitalix Biflor3) Vitalix Biflor – Daily Prebiotic Dietary Supplement, which protects the intestinal flora by allowing the most necessary strains of friendly bacteria grow inside the bowels. A healthy colon flora forms the basis of a strong immune system and a long healthy life. Biflor contains useful bacteria that protect our intestinal system.


Full-Scale Detoxification Programme - 100% Natural and Vegetarian

Vitalix Original

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Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have ordered this product already. Enerix and Vitalix are the exclusive products of Naturalmax company seated in Germany.
Made in Germany.

Here’s why Vitalix and Enerix are recommended to be used together

The following 4 important steps are needed for detoxifying the body:

Step 1.: Cleansing the Colon with the Enerix Program

Nutrients and supplements essential for detoxification cannot be absorbed correctly without eliminating toxins and parasites from the intestinal tract.

“Any internal cleansing program should start by ‘pulling the plug’, which obstructs the removal of waste materials. The ‘plug’ is situated in the last section of the gastrointestinal tract. If before cleaning the blood, liver or lymph you disregard blocked colon, toxins will get directly back into your body and make you even less healthy than before starting the treatment.” (Dr. L. Berry: Internal Cleansing)

Many detoxification programmes fail to address cleansing the colon as the most crucial first step of a detoxification treatment. Without cleansing the intestines, it is simply impossible to effectively and thoroughly detoxify the body.

Vitalix works best when taken together with Enerix or by those who have previously completed an Enerix Program within the past six-twelve months. Consequently, in order to reach the greatest efficiency, use it together with the Enerix Program or a month after completing the Enerix Program.

Steps 2-4 will be achieved with the use of the Vitalix Program. For the description of the individual components see below.

Step 2: Replenishing Friendly Bacteria with Vitalix Biflor

Vitalix BiflorThe bacteria found in the colon can be grouped into two categories on the basis of their effect on humans: “friendly” and “unfriendly”. Unfriendly bacteria produce toxic by-products, which may cause different diseases as well as long-term deterioration of the organism. Friendly bacteria (prebiotics) have a favourable effect on the intestinal flora balance, prevent the development of harmful bacteria, restore good digestion, enhance the immune system, and also improve resistance to infection. Individuals with friendly intestinal bacteria are much better equipped against bacteria causing epidemics.

Intestinal microflora can be replenished with friendly bacteria by using prebiotic supplements. These supplements can only be efficient, if they are produced to resist the acidic environment of the stomach, and to become absorbed in the intestines only, like Vitalix Biflor. As soon as friendly bacteria enter the small and large intestines, they need dietary fibre to survive. Enerix contains large amounts of dietary fibre (one-third of the recommended daily intake), and Vitalix Prebiotic capsules contain the favourite food of friendly bacteria to help them survive and grow.

Step 3: Detoxifying the liver, kidneys, blood and also other organs with Vitalix Hepafit

Vitalix Hepafit

Vitalix Hepafit has been designed for the elimination of the most frequently occurring and dangerous heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminium, nickel, arsenic) and other toxic elements, while supporting the liver and other organs inside the system.

Several herbs are essential in the detoxification process, such milk thistle, artichoke, green tea or Pau d’Arco. The most important ones are milk thistle and artichoke, which “combat numerous toxins, and other carcinogenic substances. Milk thistle helps to restore liver function by cleaning the liver, it neutralises free radicals and helps to bind heavy metals, particularly mercury.

Milk thistle is one of the most effective antioxidants. It helps to restore levels of vitamin C and E following oxidative harm, and it also assists liver function.

The extract of the milk thistle seed provides effective protection against liver toxins and also aids in cleansing the liver, kidneys, blood and skin. The extract of the milk thistle seed provides efficient protection for the liver cells by neutralising toxic compounds, binding to them and getting rid of them straight into the colon to discharge them from the body.

An efficient detoxifying formula also has to contain vitamin C together with the three most crucial minerals in the detoxification process: magnesium, zinc and selenium. Selenium and zinc are vital in the elimination of mercury and some other heavy metals as is vitamin B1. All of these components can be found in Vitalix Green.

Hepafit has been specifically developed to act together with Vitalix Green.

Step 4: Replenishing vital nutrients and antioxidants with Vitalix Green

Vitalix Green

Very few detox programmes address the fact that pollutants and toxins inside the body reduce essential vitamins and minerals needed for resistance to illness and disease. Heavy metals as well as numerous other toxins create free radicals inside the body that threaten the immune system. Free radicals are widespread molecules created by the body which attack and damage cell membranes and tissues. Pollution, toxins, pesticides, junk foods, cigarette smoking and stress all contribute to an excessive amount of free radicals. In order to reduce the effects of free radicals we all need effective antioxidants in correct quantities, supplemented on a daily basis.

Vitalix Green is an efficient mix of all important vitamins and minerals, very carefully united with enzymes, amino acids and green phytofoods for maximum effectiveness. Vitalix Green helps replenish all essential nutrients in order to keep the immune system operating at an optimum level.

Vitalix Green is a professionally developed, broad-spectrum antioxidant supplement, specifically created to support vibrant, long-term health. Vitalix Green provides the optimum strength of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other vital nutrients in a synergistically well balanced combination. This highly sophisticated all-in-one formula improves the nutrient value of the individual ingredients simply by combining them together with green nutrients in order to achieve maximum strength and effectiveness.

Vitalix Green can be used in combination with Vitalix Hepafit, on its own, or together with any other Naturalmax product. It is recommended for long-term every day use.

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